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Pure Quartz

At present, the production site for fabrication of high purity quartz tubes for fiber optic preforms is under construction at PNPPK. It will be the first in Russia. Production process will be based on sol-gel technology that insures high outside resistance of products and is considered more efficient compared to processes that are used abroad. Domestic raw materials will be used.

The output of the shop:

  • substrate, jacket and process quartz tubes for different types of fiber;
  • B- and P-doped quartz rods for Panda-type fiber (including span-Panda and active Panda);
  • fluorinated quartz tubes for radiation resistant fibers;
  • P-, Al- and rare earth-doped quartz rods for active fibers with a large mode field diameter for high-power lasers;
  • quartz plates for pendulum accelerometers;
  • quartz cylinders and shaped blanks for resonators of gyroscopes.

PJSC “Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company
106, 25th October St, Perm 614007, Russia