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Uninterrupted power supply unit BBP2

The Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit is designed for:

  • generation of 24.5 V DC voltage from the ship’s mains 220 V AC, 50 Hz and uninterrupted power supply with a total current up to 8 A.
  • automatic change over from the Main Distribution Panel to the Emergency Distribution Panel.
  • automatic switchover to the emergency supply from batteries when the mains is off and vice versa when the mains is on.

Technical Data

Input supply voltage (from MAIN and EMERG Panels)

198-264 V AC, 47 – 53 Hz

Output voltage when fed from onboard mains, V DC

24.5± 0.5

Output voltage when fed from a battery, V DC

19.2 – 29.0

Output current, А


Integrated He accumulator battery, non-serviceable, 2 pc.

12 V, 5 A·h

Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg, maximum


Protection level


 Operating Conditions

  • Temperature range from -15 to +55°С
  • Relative humidity 95% at Т=40°С

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