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Gyrocompass PGM-C-011 Surveyor

The gyrocompass PGM-C-011 Surveyor designed for hydrographic survey is a versatile and one of the most accurate mechanical gyrocompasses dedicated for commercial use.

The gyrocompass determines the ship heading relative to geographic meridian in the gyrocompass mode and the angle of displacement from the selected direction in the direct gyro mode.

A dynamically tuned gyroscope provides exceptional performance and reliability whilst a low cost of ownership as there is no need for routine maintenance.

Short settling time is one of the gyrocompass peculiarities.

The PGM-C-011 Surveyor can be used on any sea-going vessel thanks to the wide range of acceptable interfaces. Light, rigid and compact design of the gyrocompass makes it highly convenient for hydrographic applications.

The gyrocompass provides stable heading readings at rate of turn higher than 200 °/s that makes it ideal for use on fast survey crafts as well as for river/harbor navigation.

The PGM-C-011 Surveyor meets the following standards:
IMO A 424 (XI);
IMO 821 (19);
IEC 60945:2002-08;
ISO 8728-1997-06;
IEC 61162;
EMC Directive.

Technical Data

Display Type

К360° compass card and VFD display

Settle Point Error

±0,1 sec φ

Static Accuracy

±0,05 sec φ

Dynamic Accuracy

±0,2 sec φ

Follow up Speed in DG Mode

±0,1 °/h

Settling Time

<45 minutes, to within 0,7°

Latitude Input

Automatic via RS232 or RS422, NMEA 0183 from GPS or Manual

Speed Input

Automatic via RS232 or RS422, NMEA 0183 from log or pulse/contact

closure at 100, 200 or 400 pulses per nautical mile or Manual

Latitude Compensation

from 80° N to 80° S

Speed Compensation

0 - 90 knots

Gimbal Limits

±45° pitch and roll



1 х 6 steps/° (TTL level) update: 6 °/s, 12 °/s, no limits


1 х 8 V (AC или DC) 400Hz (max 2 V per phase), full scale 360°

Rotation speed analog signal (ROT)

1 х rotation speed (±10V)

±30/60/90/120/180/300/1200 °/min (customized)

Serial Data

Channel А: 1 х RS232; 2 х RS422

Channel В: 1 х RS232; 2 х RS422

Channel С: 1 х RS232; 2 х RS422

Channel D: 1 х RS232; 2 х RS422

Serial Data Formats

IEC 61162

Baud Rate

4800/9600/19200/38400 бод

Data Transmission Rate

1/10/20/50 Гц

Gyrocompass status:

System ready


Normally opened/normally closed contacts of relay

Normally opened/normally closed contacts of relay

Input Voltage, V


Power Consumption:

start-up, W

operation, W



Dimensions, mm

288 (H) х 240 (W) х 329 (L)

Weight, kg



10 000

Service Interval

No schedule maintenance, calibration recommended every 2 years

Operating Conditions

Operating Temperature

from -15°С to +55°С

Storage Temperature

from - 60°С to +70°С

Shock Resistance

10 g

PJSC “Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company
106, 25th October St, Perm 614007, Russia