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The Attitude-Heading Reference System PGM-V-024

The Attitude-Heading Reference System PGM-V-024 with the medium accuracy motion sensor on fiber optic gyros is designed for determination of the vessel heading relative to the geographic meridian and motion angles. Designed for vessels of different classes in commercial and passenger fleet, as well as for special-purpose vessels.

The Attitude-Heading Reference System provides the data in the digital form at the maximum vessel speed up to 70 knots, maximum pitch and roll angles up to 45° in latitudes up to 80°N and 80°S. Information is issued in the form of a digital signal to the required number of consumers.

The System Generates the Following Output Data:

  • Geographical heading.
  • Angles of motion
  • Rolling/pitching velocities and course changing

The Attitude-Heading Reference System is updated from the onboard GPS/GLONASS receiver and log (pulsed or NMEA 0183).


  • Main Unit (MU) provides the heading and motion angle data to the users with various baud rates: from 4800 to 38400 baud/s;
  • Navigation data, operating modes, inputs and outputs, failures of AHRS are set and displayed on the Operator Console (OC);
  • Uninterrupted power supply unit (option);
  • Translators, repeaters, interfaces (option).

Operating Console

Operating temperature range, °С

from -15 to +55

Relative humidity at temperature +40°С, %


Shocks, g


Vibration (at frequency from 5 to 100 Hz), m/s2


Technical Data

Readiness time, min (course determination error ±0,7° • sec φ)


Settle point error, ° • sec φ


Dynamic error, ° • sec φ


Pitch and roll error, °


Drift rate in direct gyro mode, °/h


Angular velocity error, °/s


Input Voltage, V


Power Consumption, W


Assigned Service Time, years



40 000

System Interfaces:

  • 4 х RS 422.
  • 2 х RS 232.
  • Pulsed input from log
  • ROT 30/60/90/120/180/300/1200 °/min.

System Features:

  • Short readiness time.
  • Automatic start-up and settling relative to meridian.
  • Long service life.
  • Easy maintenance (no compass fluid exchange, extra cooling and heating).
  • Low power consumption and heat generation.
  • Various operating modes.
  • Small overall dimensions and weight:
    o Main Unit 325 х 230 х 174 mm, 12,5 kg.
    o Operator Console (when not in turned position) 294 х 88 х 173 mm, 4 kg.

Standards and Directives Compliance

  • IMO Resolution 424 (XI), Performance Standards for Gyrocompasses.
  • IMO Resolution A.821 (19), Performance Standards for Gyrocompasses for High-Speed Crafts.
  • IEC 60945: 2002 Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems.
  • ISO 8728: Ships and Marine Technology – Marine Gyrocompasses.
  • IEC 61162-1: 2010: Marine navigation and radio communication equipment and systems — Digital interfaces.
  • Certificates of DNV-GL and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

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106, 25th October St, Perm 614007, Russia