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Gyrocompass PGM-C-010 

The gyrocompass PGM-C-010 determines the vessel heading relative to geographic meridian in the gyrocompass mode or the angle of displacement from the selected direction in the direct gyro mode. It is a universal device and it can be used at any commercial and fishing vessels, as well as vessels operating in high latitudes. 

PGM-C-010 ensures accurate and stable readings at vessel speed up to 70 knots, pitch and roll up to 45 degrees and latitude up to 85 degrees. In latitudes higher than 80 degrees, the gyrocompass operates in direct gyro mode. Heading data is produced in the form of digital (RS 232/422), step or synchro signal. 

Gyrocompass PGM-C-010 complies with requirements of: 

IMO А.424 (11) and А.821 (19); 

IEC 60945 (2002); 

IEC 61162-1:2000 (Е); 

ISO 8728-2014. 

It has Certificates of DNV-GL and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 


Gyrocompass has a monoblock design. The compass casing has a window on the top for the compass card and an opening for the Operator Console installation. If necessary, the built-in Operator Console may be mounted remotely, at the distance up to 100 meters away from gyrocompass. 

The heart of the gyrocompass is a dynamically tuned gyroscope. Overall dimensions are 288mm (H) х 240mm (W) х 329мм (L). Weight is 15.5 kg.


  • Efficient one box design.
  • Small size and versatility.
  • Automatic start-up and alignment relative to the meridian.
  • Short initial setting time.
  • High reliability.
  • High static and dynamic accuracy (latitude and speed compensation, automatic compensation of temperature drifts).
  • Easy installation and adjustment, built-in testing
  • Simple maintenance (no compass fluid, extra cooling and heating are not required, no periodic determination and compensation of azimuth drift, simplified methods of horizontal drift determination and compensation).
  • Possibility of remote control (option).
  • Scrolling of display windows and parameters by pressing two buttons on the Operator Console.
  • Possibility of operation in high latitudes.
  • Adjustment of scale illumination brightness.
  • Ecological safety.
  • Operating temperature from -15°С to 55°С.
  • Storage temperature from - 60°С to 70°С.
  • Shock resistance, 10 g

Technical Data

Settle Point Error

±0,2 sec φ

Dynamic Accuracy
(Scorsby and intercardinal motion tests)

±0,3 sec φ

Settle Point Repeatability

±0,2 sec φ

Settling time, min

≤45 within 0,7°

Drift rate in DG mode, °/h



Step update:

1 х 6 steps/° (TTL level) 6 °/s, 12 °/s, no limits


1 х 8 V 400 Hz (max 2 V per phase), full scale 360°

Rotation speed analog signal

(ROT) 1 х rotation speed (±10V)

±30/60/90/120/180/300/1200 °/min (customized)

Serial Data

Channel А: 1 х RS232; 2 х RS422

Channel В: 1 х RS232; 2 х RS422

Channel С: 1 х RS232; 2 х RS422

Channel D: 1 х RS232; 2 х RS422

Serial Data Formats

IEC 61162

Baud Rate

4800/9600/19200/38400 baud

Data Transmission Rate

1/10/20/50 Hz

Gyrocompass status:

System ready


Normally opened/normally closed contacts of relay

Normally opened/normally closed contacts of relay



IEC 61162 RS232 or RS422 from GPS


IEC 61162 RS232 or RS422 from GPS or log;

100, 200 or 400 pulses per nautical mile from log

Input Voltage, V


Power Consumption

start-up, W

operation, W




60 000

PJSC “Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company
106, 25th October St, Perm 614007, Russia