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Cluster “Photonics”

Cluster of fiber-optics “Photonics” locates in the territory of Perm kraj. It is a group of interconnected enterprises: industrial companies, research and scientific institutions, educational establishments, service companies and SMEs that interact and enhance competitive advantages of each other. In 2014, they teamed up in innovative regional cluster “Photonics” 

At the end of 2016 Perm kraj, Sverdlovsk region and the Udmurt Republic have signed the agreement on establishing of industrial cluster “Photonics” that has broadened the horizons and potentials of Company even more and has united manufacturers of these regions in development and production of new devices.

Main targets of Cluster “Photonics”:

  • development and marketing of advanced photonic and optoelectronic products;
  • photonics penetration into allied industries due to research diversification and industrial cooperation;
  • laying and support of social, scientific, technological and educational groundwork for a quantum leap of photonics within the production sector.

PJSC “Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company” is an organizer and an anchor enterprise of the fiber-optic cluster “Photonics”.

PJSC “Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company
106, 25th October St, Perm 614007, Russia